Under The Ginkgo Tree


How Reiki Can Help Your Animals​ 

Reiki has been found to help with:                          

  • Physical injuries - tendons, ligaments etc

  • Sweet Itch (horses)

  • Laminitis

  • Colic

  • Box Walking (horses)

  • Competition Stress (for both your animal and you!)

  • Behavioural Issues

  • Grief

  • Performance

  • Wind Sucking (horses)

  • Cribbing (horses)

  • Relationship between you and your animal

  • Loading Problems (horses)

  • Appetite Loss

  • Re-homing

Reiki For Your Animals

All animals, whether they are pets, farm, utility or wild benefit from Reiki's gentle yet powerful healing energy.  Animals intuitively recognise and appreciate Reiki's ability to heal and often quickly learn to seek it out on their own.

Reiki's natural energy helps healing on a physical, emotional and mental level so it can help heal physical ailments, injuries and illness as well as being beneficial for animals emotional and behavioural problems.

For animals who are terminally ill or nearing their time, Reiki is a highly effective yet gentle way to provide comfort, pain relief, alleviate anxiety and fear.  Reiki helps ease the transition from this life and can also provide support and help with grief for the animals companions, whether human or another animal. 

A Reiki therapy session is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied (physical or otherwise).  Receiving Reiki is a relaxing, revitalising and balancing experience for the whole being.

The flow of Reiki is activated by intention and is channelled for the health, recovery and higher good of the recipient.  Subconsciously the receiver will draw in as much energy as they need as I lay my hands gently on or over the body or sometimes from a distance.  Beneficial changes can take place over a fairly short space of time.

Please remember that it is essential that you obtain veterinary treatment for a sick or dying animal. 

The paragraph below outlines the relevant legislation with regard to treating animals:

The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone, other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals,
including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis.  However, the healing of animals by contact healing, by laying of hands or distant healing is legal.  The Protection of Animals Act 1911 required that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon, the owner must obtain this.  To give emergency First Aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or relieving pain is permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 schedule 3.

Under The Ginkgo Tree is fully insured and supports and works within the above legislation at all times.

How Might My Animal React

The great thing about Reiki and animals is that you can 'see' it working.  Your animal will most likely relax, lick their lips, lower their head and neck and pass wind.  They may yawn and some will lie down and go to sleep.         ​
Young animals may not show as many signs of relaxation as an older animal may, however, a young animal will often lie down to sleep after the treatment when everyone has gone. 
Every Reiki experience is different and no two sessions are the same.
Reiki is deeply relaxing and has a profoundly relaxing effect.  Be responsive to your animal's needs, resting them after treatment as the energy continues its work following the session. 

Reiki will always give your animal what they need.