Under The Ginkgo Tree

How are these messages received?   Simply put there are three different ways that a message can come through:​​
Clairsentience when you pick up on the emotions, the feelings
Clairaudiencewhen you hear words, a sentence, a conversation
Clairvoyancewhen you see a picture in your mind, a video                      ​

Animals, like people, are individuals and whilst some use just one form of communications, some use all three at the same time!  Sometimes they really want to communicate with you and have a definite message.  Sometimes they are busy doing other things like playing or eating or just don’t want to talk.   Being able to have a voice or getting their message across can be incredibly therapeutic for an animal and can help them deal with deeply emotional and traumatic times whether in the present or in the past.  Being able to tell someone where they are experiencing aches and pains or how they are feeling can be an instant relief of stress.


Animal Communication

As children we all have a natural ability to communicate with animals using our intuition with open hearts, minds and souls.  As we grow older this natural ability more often than not slowly shuts down for one reason or another.  Using your intuition on a telepathic level is being psychic and animal communication is all about using this natural ability to really listen whilst using our intuition and being completely open so that we may fully experience an animal sharing with us what it see's, feels and senses.
Can you remember a time when you have spoken with someone and they have said that ‘everything’s fine’ but you can just tell that it’s not.  You feel it in your gut.  You sense that they are angry or upset.  Your intuition tells you that everything is not fine.  It’s the same with animals and the more you use your intuition, the stronger it becomes and the clearer the messages are. ​​

​​I have often found when channelling Reiki or treating an animal with Applied Zoopharmacognosy that I receive communications from the animal I am treating.  It’s not unlike when you are having a treatment yourself and you talk to your practitioner about what is bothering you or where you are experiencing aches and pains.  
Whilst the communication itself is very important, what you do with the information shared is equally important and my approach to animal communication is honest, direct and to the point as I work with the animal in question to help them with their issue.  Animal communication on it's own is not going to solve an animals issues but working with the information shared practically and with an open heart will help improve or resolve their issues.

Animal communication readings can take place in person or from a photograph and the animal can be living or passed.  I always offer the animal in question Reiki whilst communicating and vice versa, whilst offering Reiki, I open myself up to communication.