Under The Ginkgo Tree


Ziggy was very specific as to when she wanted Reiki and for how long and it wasn't long before I was being approached by other dogs on our walks who wanted some Reiki too!  I quickly learnt that this gentle yet far reaching form of energy healing can help animals heal themselves whether emotionally, physically or otherwise. 

Meredithe Smith

IAZ Dip, SAC Dip

Reiki Master/Teacher

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Email us at  info@undertheginkgotree.co.uk or call 07779 060919 to make an appointment. 

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Under The Ginkgo Tree


Helping animals heal themselves using Reiki, Animal Communication and Applied Zoopharmacognosy. 

Whilst I have loved and respected all animals throughout my life (including the ones that scared me!), it wasn't until January 2006 that I embarked on a journey to learn how I could help them heal themselves.  It was then that I first learnt Reiki, channeling energy using intention for the health, recovery and higher good of my family, friends and Ziggy, our German Shepherd/Lurcher. ​​​

continued to grow within my Reiki practice, attending courses, reading books, working with both people and animals and whilst I have attained my Reiki Master/Teacher, I know that my Reiki journey will never end.  Every day teaches me new and important lessons.

Whilst channelling Reiki for an elderly hamster with a heart problem and again with my canine mentor's help, Ziggy, I stumbled across what I was to learn to be Animal Communication.  I voraciously read all I could find about Animal Communication and attended workshops with Joanne Hull and a diploma course with Holly Davis.  As with Reiki, every day teaches me new and humbling lessons in communicating with animals.

Putting my Reiki and Animal Communication to good use, I volunteered at HorseWorld's Visitor Centre working with the amazing horses, donkeys and not forgetting Frank the Hinny!  Whilst working with a small rescued pony from Greece that I was introduced to Applied Zoopharmacognosy.  Nazia shared images of a blue-purple flowering widespread plant and a particular familiar smell.  It took me a good day or so to find that she was showing me the plant Thyme.  On further research and my first trip to Caroline Ingraham's Applied Zoopharmacognosy website I found that Thyme has amazing antibacterial qualities.  On checking in with HorseWorld, I was advised that Nazia was suffering from a bacterial gut issue.  She was asking for Thyme to help heal herself and I found Applied Zoopharmacognosy along the way.  Animals are such amazing teachers!​

After two and a half years of eye opening workshops, lecture days and coursework I achieved my diplomas in Applied Zoopharmacognosy - Equine, Canine and Feline.  As Ziggy helped me with Reiki and Animal Communication, our Bu helped push me to learn as much as I could about Applied Zoopharmacognosy as we battled to help her with her fears and anxieties and her ear infection which triggered off a full body yeast infection which then opened her up to develop allergies to grass pollen!  Bu was my trickiest case study but helping her heal herself was all the incentive I needed to keep at it.  I know that Applied Zoopharmacognosy will continue to blow my mind every day with how amazing it is to help animals heal themselves. 

Being able to utilise Reiki, Animal Communication and Applied Zoopharmacognosy to help animals heal themselves is humbling and phenomenally rewarding.  There are times when I work with an animal only using Reiki or Applied Zoopharmacognosy but more often than not one, two or all three will jump in at the animal's request.   I feel very honoured to be able to help animals and am inspired every day by their courage, understanding and immense capacity to love and forgive.